Faster Support for VOS3000, Easy Troubleshoot for problems!

Dear All,

When someone face issue at VOS3000 Server or any support required few things you need to prepare first. Without that its not possible to give instant support. I am sharing those serially,

  1. Give your full server credentials, due to security we & also many server provider do not keep track or record of server passwords and no Backup Passwords kept by us. So share full IP, VOS3000 Client password, UUID code, Server root access.
  2. Must keep Screen sharing software installed if you wish to see the solution or if you need basic training help. we suggest to use ANYDESK, due TEAM VIEWER have time limit for personal users to connect another pc. It get disconnected first, so use anydesk, here is the download link:
  3. If you already done basic training and see calls not connected then please first go to “Data Query” then “CDR” then filter and see what error is showing in the “Termination Reason”. If we are unable to reach desk then this will help to sort out issues, Because most of the problems can be sorted after you tell or see what is the issues showing in “Termination Reason”. Avoid “Illegal Calls” that is normal, if you have questions about illegal calls read my other blog where i shared about “illegal calls” . So follow the images below.
from here you got to CDR.
here you can see Termination reasons and easily you can identity your problems.

If you follow this way, support will be much much faster and it will be 80% less time consuming for both side.

Please knock us anytime in whatsapp for any kind technical issues: +8801911119966


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