VOS3000 Concurrent Call Load Test with MULTAHOST Server!

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This is one of very important part i am going to write about VOS3000 Server. Before VOS3000 Older versions mostly worked in 32 bit, so in case you used higher RAM but server got extra loaded, like vos3000, and some also works mainly 32 bit or custom way they worked on 64 bit server. VOS3000 built on pure 64 bit system – if it can be done with perfect Installation with neat and cleanly then you can run good volume calls. We also suggested before to use Centos minimal versions, so no extra unnecessary apps get installed. This will make the Server little more faster and there are many teaks which need to apply. Yesterday we tested one server with 5000 call loads and works very well without any single issues – many people waste money on server config and use higher config server. If proper way and all teaks done in Operating system then you never need higher config and can save good amount money monthly based.

Almost 5000 Concurrent Calls running in MULTAHOST Dedicated Server with VOS3000

If you see the Image you will able to see almost 5k cc calls running and Server RAM load is near about 4 GB only where 16GB Ram server is used, this is only happened due to correct OS Choose, Correctly tweaked, only required centos plugins installed, fully optimized and clean full featured real 64 bit VOS3000 Installed in Expert Hand.

CallCenter Traffic Running, Code is G711-GSM where more B/W used, MULTAHOST Server!

You can see in the image, G711 codec used which use high B/W, its running CallCenter Traffic, CLI CC traffic, so all call connected and very High CPS Hit Coming to the server which load normally many peoples server cant take. But our system works perfectly without any error, because of our expertise. You can see there is no Red mark or CDR on Queue as well. Our Tweaked server with clean installation server where other VOS pass hardtime for 2000 concurrent calls, our Server Can run 5000-8000 Concurrent Calls easily. So, if you are planning for high CPS CallCenter Traffic then let us know for help.

Again it will save your monthly cost from Server! which is not small at all, so use exact required server. For choosing server OS or Server config please read our blog: https://multahost.com/blog/vos3000-server-configuration-choosevos3000-os-choose/

For any kind help or support please knock us in whatsapp: +8801911119966


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