VOS3000 Server Configuration Choose!VOS3000 OS Choose!


Greetings from our multahost blog! We are writing very silly matter but still many people have issues with choosing VOS3000 Server Configurations and also versions! Before i write details let me tell one short story.

“If you put one Fat Guy & one slim guy in Race then slim guy wining chances are always high!”

I am telling this because many people choose 64 GB Ram for VOS3000 Softswitch or higher config even they don’t require! Which is waste of money actually and datacenter earn from clients or Server provider make money. Many client have less traffic and use higher configure which isn’t actually needed.

Another thing is many people use old vos3000 and which is actually run on 32 bit system, unless any datacenter help for kernel change for CentOs then only 3GB ram maximum in used. So even if you order 16 GB, 32 GB or higher Ram – most of its stay unused. In those server client can’t run much traffic as well even they have higher configuration in their VOS3000 Server. Its like you are not hungry and order many foods which you even can’t take away 🙂

VOS3000 is built for 64 bit, So 16 GB Ram with 8 Cores/16 Cores Server Can run 5000 Concurrent Calls easily. If traffic is regular traffic, not callcenter/missed-call/junk traffic.

VOS3000 mainly works best on Centos 6.4 x 64 bit – also works fine in CentOs 6.8 x 64 bit.

If you have IPMI access or IPKVM access for the server where you want to install VOS3000. Then my personal suggestions is use minimal versions of CentOs which is very small in size and not have many unwanted apps which actually not needed. Only VOS3000 Installer can install what program/apps they need for VOS3000. So, server will be load less and space will be more than expected.

Also do not forget to use correct repository file for downloading matching apps of that CentOs. This is also important for VOS3000 Server. These things will help vos3000 server more optimized and more smooth to run your traffic in VOS3000.

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