Illegal Call in VOS3000 Server! How to stop Illegal call, is it important?


Sometime we see illegal calls in vos3000 server CDR as termination reason. Actually illegal calls can be shown for few reason. If your clients ip not added and send calls at your server or you added wrong ip in mapping gateway or any previous users used this ip for voip purpose and his client still sending calls in this ip or some small retail hacker group try to login at your server by using some common pin number as sip user.

The thing is none of those call will be connected, so there is nothing to get worry! But yes, you can stop recording it – it will be recored in vos3000 cdr via mysql(do not copy our content, its written by multahost). So its important also to stop keeping record to keep server mysql data little more shorter.

Here i am attaching some screenshot where you can stop this illegal calls recording in vos3000 server.

1. Go to “Operation Management” then “Softswitch Management” and edit.

2. Go to System Parameter options and you will see options for “Record Illegal calls” – there you can see “On/Off”. Click and make it “off” , please do not make any major changes here without knowing that.

3. See the closer look for it.

VOS3000 Softswitch is very simple to use but there is some options or features written in different places which makes users little confused. So, i am trying to share FAQ in detail in multahost blog.

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