Connecting Server, Please wait Time Out error at VOS3000


Time Out Error at Login VOS3000


  1. Server have running firewall which is blocking VOS3000 client software to connect with VOS3000 Server – in that case you have to stop firewall from VOS3000 Server.
  2. Server have different port for login VOS3000 Server, So you need to add port after IP if there is set at VOS3000 Server.
Solution if you have problem with Number 2

3. If IP is wrong at your VOS3000 client software then also timeout error can come

4. If anyhow VOS3000 ip is blocked by your internet then also this error might come when you try to connect VOS3000

5. Wrongly Installed VOS3000 Server can have similar error for connecting VOS3000 client to VOS3000 Server

Can be more reason as well, those are common reasons

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VOS3000 Offline License Generator vs Online License Generator! Which one Safe?


There are lots of people now a days working with VOS3000 but many people already facing big issues with many online license generator in VOS3000 & VOS3000 ; Because Online License maker not working anymore as Chinese vendor stopped those online license generator.

Online License generator for VOS3000 was a risky product !! Because all license was coming from some specific IP/Website! So they were getting all IPs & some other information which they able to attack or hack as well! So Online license generator was never safe for VOS3000 – whoever used those kind license generator is now a days facing lots of problem. Both for VOS3000 and VOS3000 Versions.

Here i am attaching error what VOS3000 License generator shows:

Error while making new license in VOS3000 Online License Generator

This is Online License Generator Sample

VOS3000 Offline License Generator

VOS3000 Offline License Generator

So whoever is doing VOS3000 Hosting Business or Service – You must be careful before using any License makers or license generator. There are lots of tricky license generator available in market. So use the best one which can keep your client safe!

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Ddos Attack in VOS3000 Servers!


Now a days there are plenty of ddos attack going on in VOS3000 Servers those are located in MULTACOM, VULTR, DIGITALOCEAN, CONTABO and some other datacenters.

mostly it happening daily basis in vultr vos3000 servers and also other datacenters – VOS3000 Versions are specially targeting by some attackers and attacking heavy ddos attack, so datacenter null route automatically for those ips getting attack. Vultr paid Ddos attack service also failed to solve this as well.

We have a different series servers which are much safer for ddos attack, if you need safer server for your VOS3000 or if you need VOS3000 which wont have ddos attack then contact with us

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VOS3000 Hosted Available in Bangladesh, Philippines, Turkey, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Bahrain, Egypt, Germany & Many other Countries Data center!


We have VOS3000 Server available in multiple countries server. We have large collection of server location, so you can choose yours to avoid latency, ping or your requirements.

Many clients need different location server for many purpose like ip issues, latency, callcenter traffic also need specific location servers for better performance, Better callback in callcenter traffic.

we have servers in many location including USA/Germany or major countries.

also we can give you VOS3000 in Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, Saudi, Dubai, Bahrain, Egypt and many other location as well.

Let me know if you need any VOS3000 in any of those locations.

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VOS3000 Reviews, Advantage, Disadvantage, Full details – Coming Soon!

Hello Reader,

Soon i will write up a full review on VOS3000 ; all the problems & all the issues and all new working features which are needed for you will be described gradually in my blog.

I am attaching System parameter screenshot in this port of VOS3000 – So you can get some idea whats new here !

VOS3000 Client Login
VOS3000 Client Login
VOS3000 System Parameter

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VOS3000 / Complete English Manual Download Free!

Dear Readers,

I am giving you download link for VOS3000 which covers for VOS3000 or all nearby versions like VOS3000, VOS3000, VOS3000, VOS3000, VOS3000, VOS3000 – So you can download this manual and which will be helpful for all nearby related versions.

here is the download link :

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Original VOS3000 Web Module with VOS3000 System VOS3000

Hello all,

Finally VOS3000 Original Developer developed basic Web Management software for VOS3000, so VOS3000 can be accessed from Mobile Browser and can do some basic urgent task for urgent times.

VOS3000 have web management included and have some other versions as well where its builtin but 8.05 is so far seems okay to us. We are doing some more study on this version and we will confirm when we will see this is one of another stable version.

VOS3000 is released with some bug fixing after VOS3000

here i am attaching web management manual

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VOS3000 Termination reason/error code replacement to alternative codes like “Service Unavailable” !


There are lots of reason sometime calls not get connect and return with a error code to disconnect – those are normal and error codes are same for almost all softswitch. Sometime direct vendors or wholesaler want error code replacement due to increase call connectivity quality – like when some call termination reason come “Not Found” then call get disconnected but carrier want it to try secondary routes if that works. In that case they want some replacement error cose where call do not get disconnect and try next gateway or routes. All clients not like this because some want accurate error codes. So who need to change error code to other code like “service unavailable” (503) then you can follow below screenshot.

Its not that hard but handy – if you have any more question for vos3000 commectivity issues then please knock me at whatsapp – +8801911119966


VOS3000 billing issues solution – Conversation time is less but charged duration is higher! Why ?


one of the most common things always happened in voip softswitch industry – people had issues with billing disputes with each other – there are many reason for those disputes and 95% time the errors are human errors – software normally not make much issues always – i am now sharing one of the issue here which sometime happen

conversation time is lower but charged duration is high ! Please see the screenshot to understand

you can see conversion time is 2 second but ch fas rhes or billed for 6 second !

Now what was the error here ! Its a simple issues – when you gave rate in rate management – you sinply forget to change the pulse 6 to 1 – which means from 1-6 second whatever the duration is the softswitch charging for 6 seconds !

see the screenshot below to understand:

I hope you understand the problem and solution now easily. There are more things which also make problems for billing disputes but all can be solveable as i said mostly this happen for human error!

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Vendor Billing (Clearing Gateway) side Report Generate in CDR portal in VOS3000!

Dear all,

Sometime some direct vendor do not use any soft-switch and ask for vendor billing portal access. In VOS3000 softswitch vendor/provider shortname is Clearing Account. We all know that in vos3000 portal we had to login with gateway name. So vendor login at portal by vendor gateway name. Sometime they complain about report generation & they do not see any report like daily report or other reports or usage. VOS3000 by default keep off many options it had due it use very low resources for high concurrency. So, same way by default vendor & other reports generation system stays turned off from system management. So, if you really need those reports then you can use those options, unless better keep them as it is.

You have to go System Management & then System parameter.

After that

Clearing gateway & other gateway report generation

Here you will see all the options for generating reports for CDR portal, please do not turned on all options. Only ON those you need to open, left side or right side you will see the details which options you are opening.

I hope it will help you to generate all reports. Still if you need anymore support please knock me in whatsapp: +8801911119966


VOS3000 client became chinese – all vos3000 options are in chinese language- how to make it English back?

Hello all,

Actually this is very common and small issues many people face but many do not know accurate ways to solve, so sometime they became worried.

Vos3000 , vos3000, Vos3000 client sometime become chinese language when we open it, when we start the vos client by double click we see sudden chinese language in it instead of english. Actually it happen for java and some permission issues conflict with vos3000 client and windows operating system.

Vos3000 client became chinese language after open.

The solution is very simple: Right Click the Vos client icon in the Windows and click “Run as Administrator” – by this it will get full permission and will become english. See the images below of vos3000 client.

Right click on VoS3000 client icon and Run as administrator
English language came up in vos3000 client again

Many people asked me this many times – so i made this, hope it will help you all ways.

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