Block Numeric Calls in VOS3000 | Filter Wholesale/calling card/operator traffic in Easiest way!


Here i am writing how to block numeric calls, normally this isn’t 100% accurate to do as many retail dialer owner use number pins, by this way they will be blocked too but you can ask your client to use alpha pins as most of dialer or retail traffic owner do it now a days.

Normally Calling Card traffic or mobile operator number traffic have numbers as they want to show their cli, but trader sometime mixed this traffic with non cli routes!

This is way you ALLOW number calls, this is not for non cli gateway owner, this is for people who want to send number calls to CLI route and alpha calls to NON CLI/TDM route. So they can make margin from those.

This is the one for non cli vendor or gateway owner, who want to block number calls in their gateway. You can simply forbidden them by this way. By using * in VOS3000 is basically mean all numbers after that or anywhere if that number exists. So, by using it none of the number calls will hit in your gateway.

Most important: many bad/old VOS3000 have those options but not working, if you need working versions then must let us know, we can help you!

What will be the benefits:

1. You can be sure number calls are nit connecting. (Remember some clever people convert number to alpha and also codec to make their calls look like retail). But you can be safe at least 80%

2. Those types call will not hit gateway and your ports will not be blocked! So your ports will be 100% optimized and get more minutes!

3. Many more….

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