VOS3000 Keygen vs Installation, Choose Correct One!

Hello all,

Many of people asked some people sell keygen+files and some sell installations. Thing is if you are a voip wholesaler why you need keygen+files ? Don’t waste money, those people actually sell files+keygen they are seasonal businessman. They just simply scrap seller, they knows they can’t give future service, so they sell files and keygen. But if you are a voip wholesaler you don’t need to take extra headache. Everybody do his own work, if we want to do all then we have to be farmer, cloths maker, developer etc. But each people have their speciality on their work. So do not for keygen and be aware about keygen seller. They will never able to provide better service.

When you need service just take the installation and work accordingly. Versions will change again, then just try another one. Do not waste money with those stuffs.


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