VOS3000 Keygen vs Installation, Choose Correct One!

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Many of people asked some people sell keygen+files and some sell installations. Thing is if you are a voip wholesaler why you need keygen+files ? Don’t waste money, those people actually sell files+keygen they are seasonal businessman. They just simply scrap seller, they knows they can’t give future service, so they sell files and keygen. But if you are a voip wholesaler you don’t need to take extra headache. Everybody do his own work, if we want to do all then we have to be farmer, cloths maker, developer etc. But each people have their speciality on their work. So do not for keygen and be aware about keygen seller. They will never able to provide better service.

When you need service just take the installation and work accordingly. Versions will change again, then just try another one. Do not waste money with those stuffs.


Cheapest VS Cheaper VOS3000!

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Sometime some people offer something which is almost unbelievable. Provide super offer. But there is always conditions!!! Or hidden things. Let me tell you a story:

In 2009/2010 i was working with one good softswitch brand as regional manager for asia. One reseller came for hosting solution and we gave monthly license offer for 100 usd month. After that he added dialer license from another company around 100 usd, his server cost/support etc is around 100 usd. Now his cost is 300 usd and he start selling it @ 99 usd full package!! Just think carefully: there is nobody here to do charity or give loss. Then what is his secret ? Later on we discovered he hacked 10 usd a day from each server and in voip its a very small amount, nobody even understand. So actually he is charging 400 usd overall! He hacked only 10 usd – so client can’t understand anything. He was almost top for hosted server with voip softswitch that time. So be realistic, don’t go for cheapest, try cheaper but not cheapest.

Many people offer 50/100 usd vos3000 installation with many offers. Be careful always, installing isn’t hard. Sometime even you can do that but solving future issues is not easy, so always spend little more and get quality solution. All price depends on the service, trust, quality, future requirements.

All golden colors product are not GOLD. VOS3000/Softswitch is the main thing which will help you to grow your business. You must choose things carefully here, because it will help you in many ways. You must need to feed your cow if you need Good Milk!!

Before Choosing Server/Softswitch Vendors. Must keep in mind…

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I am not professional writer, please ignore typos and grammatical mistakes.

  • Know your requirement first:

First of all you need to know what you need. If you are looking for softswitch then cheaper switch is vos3000 for small wholesaler. If you have better call volume and have good business then consider other carrier grade system. VOS3000 is only good for handle bulk calls, junk calls, cc calls.

  • Concurrency Requirements:

  • If VOS3000 is your choice then first be sure how much capacity server you need. VOS3000 use very small resource, so up-to 1000 calls its fine to use cloud server. Because it will be cheaper for you, many people go for dedicated server where they have only 100 concurrent calls, its actually waste of money. Unless you don’t use media proxy just simply use cheaper server.

    • Licensed VOS3000/Non Licensed:

  • Obviously 100% there is no alternative of license vos3000 which provide by linknat. If you can afford it obviously go for it. But remember they don’t have any hosted/rental offers. If you get anyone who offer licensed copy rent then it might be lie. Linknat only offer their system for sell and they do not sell older versions. Prices are depends on payment mode, it can be 10-16k usd depending on your bargain capacity. But their support is very poor.

    • For non Licensed vendor:

    • If you have lower budget and can not afford licensed, need local supports, don’t want to invest much in softswitch then you can go for non licensed vos3000. Now its most important is selecting vendors for your switch. Must need to follow those steps.
      Double check from how long that company running and proving service. Do a small background check by checking their website and check which records.
      Check if they have their real address and name listed in website or website whois records.
      See if their whatsapp have their photos or not, try to get their other social ids.
      Search their company name in google maps, some people add fake maps but still see if they have pictures on that maps or not. Simply try to gather as much information possible. Its for your safety, it seems funny but your switch will have all data and everything. So you need to know about it where you are keeping it.
      If that person work from home or actually running office. If they provide better rates and work from home then go for it. When you will be in trouble you will never get them. Normally trouble not come but when you are paying why you don’t take from better place.
      Now some people rent server even they don’t have a own website. Using gamil id, how one person don’t have even website ready which need 100 usd maximum. How they will give you support, be aware of those type single man show company.
      Always don’t go for cheapest option, try cheaper but not cheapest. Your business will be better in future. Good stable company can help you in many other ways and you can learn a lot from them.
      Fake names/identity hider/non company email ids/no website for company/no physical office/newly formed company/less experience or connections – avoid them.
      2 years back in ITW i saw many people use similar company names, fake trade reference and finally they cheat with clients. So your small carefulness will help you to success in your business
      Don’t only take reference from friends, sometime for sales commission friends suggest anyone where they have much margin. Google it whatever service you need then go for it.
      Know configurations instead of concurrency, as people tell 2000,5000 cc but in same config. So proper judgement – always ask configuration they are providing and then compare.”
  • There are many more things need to follow, i will try to think more and will add in future blogs.
  • There are many people providing rental solution for vos3000 but try to take it from experts. It will be hell easy for you to run the show. Remember one thing: crack products is always free but you are paying for the service who si providing. There is no price for the products, service price obviously matter depending quality. Don’t be fool and buy product with high price for lower service.

    Be careful before using VOS3000 Web management Interface. Why ?

    Hello all,

    I am writing initial blogs in regular language without using any technical language, so regular user can understand this.

    Now a days many people developed VOS3000 web module for different/different versions and also some people made phone modules as well.

    Now question is: VOS3000 licensed edition price around 14-16k usd, there are huge requirements for mobile phone management and web management but why original developed didn’t developed it? When they have high investment and high end developers but they didn’t made web management or phone module. Why?

    Simple answer: They knows their system very well and they knows when they will add those it will be smoother for hacker to hack. It will be completely vulnerable and there will be more doors open for voip hackers.

    Few days back: Someone said they developed super secure VOS3000 web management module for crack VOS3000 and their team are very much expert from Pakistan-Bangladesh. Now the thing is: Just think if these people are that much expert and can make secure/high tech web portal then why not they make billing for freeswitch/asterisk/opensource system or why they don’t even make own softswitch? Because they knows they are not even that much expert, doing makeup for beautiful girl is always easy :). Because they are naturally beautiful, whatever makeup you out it will looks good most of time.

    VOS3000 developer provided API for web interface – because they are doing study on market, they are doing experiment on you. Why you want to become ginipic. Due to compliance issue they need to be sure how they can provide secure web interface, so they are still keep doing R&D. When they are not even confident about it who knows whole system, how you dare to use them ? Just simply use your brain, answer will be with you 🙂

    Many people started selling VOS3000 Web module by calling Version1, Version2, Version3. Looks like they are releasing version earlier than VOS3000 developer 🙂 VOS3000 Company launch new product almost after 2 years, because its needed lots of test before launch.

    Again one more part i forget to tell, how you will trust those people who even didn’t used their own identity. They use fake names, fake numbers, hidden whois records for their domain, DID numbers, no physical address, just work virtually. You will even not able to get their real facebook id where they have their family pictures or real identity. So simple, any kind of issues they will be just disappear. They will simply stop the domain and all will be gone 🙂 How you will trust them with your hard work blood money?! Think again, you will get answer.

    One more thing i want to share is : The technology is so much advanced, tracing become more easier, specially cellphone tracking, getting full data from every cellphone is easy for Government officials who work in intelligence. So, not use those kind apps in your phone which can be easily tracked and you will be in trouble. Pakistan have many examples for this kind issues, as they treated as terrorist when they get gateway in any house.

    I have full support/respect to each countries laws, we do not support/promote illegal voip, as a software developer i mostly advice well for people who work with this technology.

    If you have any more question please contact me via whatsapp.


    Around 2008 international market knows about VOS3000 when they felt they need a cheaper softswitch for bulk volume traffic. Carrier grade softswitch or hardware based switch was expensive and profit margin was low for south asian country. Specially Bangladesh, India, Pakistan. Call volume was high and profit was lower. So people started use VOS3000 softswitch. In whole world windows is only popular due to its crack availability in market, only people start use any product when they knows well about it. Getting VOS3000 crack copy was easy and affordable, so people started using it. Initial stage there was no tutorial or english documents for it. As chinese people wasn’t much good at english and as its mainly developed with the help of one university science department collaboration – they never made much documents for international markets. It was pretty popular in china market where they called it “VOS2009”. In 2012 i made some short video tutorial for VOS3000 and it was pretty popular that time as there is nothing in youtube except my videos.

    VOS5000 Launched: VOS3000 had cluster module initially but when vos3000 developer saw that they can sell another version for higher concurrency to bigger telco, they didn’t developed there cluster module and they pushed VOS5000 which is pretty expensive and client software is made specially for each client differently. So hacking chance became lower than before. VOS5000 can run up-to 100,000 concurrent calls.