Before Choosing Server/Softswitch Vendors. Must keep in mind…

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I am not professional writer, please ignore typos and grammatical mistakes.

  • Know your requirement first:

First of all you need to know what you need. If you are looking for softswitch then cheaper switch is vos3000 for small wholesaler. If you have better call volume and have good business then consider other carrier grade system. VOS3000 is only good for handle bulk calls, junk calls, cc calls.

  • Concurrency Requirements:

  • If VOS3000 is your choice then first be sure how much capacity server you need. VOS3000 use very small resource, so up-to 1000 calls its fine to use cloud server. Because it will be cheaper for you, many people go for dedicated server where they have only 100 concurrent calls, its actually waste of money. Unless you don’t use media proxy just simply use cheaper server.

    • Licensed VOS3000/Non Licensed:

  • Obviously 100% there is no alternative of license vos3000 which provide by linknat. If you can afford it obviously go for it. But remember they don’t have any hosted/rental offers. If you get anyone who offer licensed copy rent then it might be lie. Linknat only offer their system for sell and they do not sell older versions. Prices are depends on payment mode, it can be 10-16k usd depending on your bargain capacity. But their support is very poor.

    • For non Licensed vendor:

    • If you have lower budget and can not afford licensed, need local supports, don’t want to invest much in softswitch then you can go for non licensed vos3000. Now its most important is selecting vendors for your switch. Must need to follow those steps.
      Double check from how long that company running and proving service. Do a small background check by checking their website and check which records.
      Check if they have their real address and name listed in website or website whois records.
      See if their whatsapp have their photos or not, try to get their other social ids.
      Search their company name in google maps, some people add fake maps but still see if they have pictures on that maps or not. Simply try to gather as much information possible. Its for your safety, it seems funny but your switch will have all data and everything. So you need to know about it where you are keeping it.
      If that person work from home or actually running office. If they provide better rates and work from home then go for it. When you will be in trouble you will never get them. Normally trouble not come but when you are paying why you don’t take from better place.
      Now some people rent server even they don’t have a own website. Using gamil id, how one person don’t have even website ready which need 100 usd maximum. How they will give you support, be aware of those type single man show company.
      Always don’t go for cheapest option, try cheaper but not cheapest. Your business will be better in future. Good stable company can help you in many other ways and you can learn a lot from them.
      Fake names/identity hider/non company email ids/no website for company/no physical office/newly formed company/less experience or connections – avoid them.
      2 years back in ITW i saw many people use similar company names, fake trade reference and finally they cheat with clients. So your small carefulness will help you to success in your business
      Don’t only take reference from friends, sometime for sales commission friends suggest anyone where they have much margin. Google it whatever service you need then go for it.
      Know configurations instead of concurrency, as people tell 2000,5000 cc but in same config. So proper judgement – always ask configuration they are providing and then compare.”
  • There are many more things need to follow, i will try to think more and will add in future blogs.
  • There are many people providing rental solution for vos3000 but try to take it from experts. It will be hell easy for you to run the show. Remember one thing: crack products is always free but you are paying for the service who si providing. There is no price for the products, service price obviously matter depending quality. Don’t be fool and buy product with high price for lower service.

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