Be careful before using VOS3000 Web management Interface. Why ?

Hello all,

I am writing initial blogs in regular language without using any technical language, so regular user can understand this.

Now a days many people developed VOS3000 web module for different/different versions and also some people made phone modules as well.

Now question is: VOS3000 licensed edition price around 14-16k usd, there are huge requirements for mobile phone management and web management but why original developed didn’t developed it? When they have high investment and high end developers but they didn’t made web management or phone module. Why?

Simple answer: They knows their system very well and they knows when they will add those it will be smoother for hacker to hack. It will be completely vulnerable and there will be more doors open for voip hackers.

Few days back: Someone said they developed super secure VOS3000 web management module for crack VOS3000 and their team are very much expert from Pakistan-Bangladesh. Now the thing is: Just think if these people are that much expert and can make secure/high tech web portal then why not they make billing for freeswitch/asterisk/opensource system or why they don’t even make own softswitch? Because they knows they are not even that much expert, doing makeup for beautiful girl is always easy :). Because they are naturally beautiful, whatever makeup you out it will looks good most of time.

VOS3000 developer provided API for web interface – because they are doing study on market, they are doing experiment on you. Why you want to become ginipic. Due to compliance issue they need to be sure how they can provide secure web interface, so they are still keep doing R&D. When they are not even confident about it who knows whole system, how you dare to use them ? Just simply use your brain, answer will be with you 🙂

Many people started selling VOS3000 Web module by calling Version1, Version2, Version3. Looks like they are releasing version earlier than VOS3000 developer 🙂 VOS3000 Company launch new product almost after 2 years, because its needed lots of test before launch.

Again one more part i forget to tell, how you will trust those people who even didn’t used their own identity. They use fake names, fake numbers, hidden whois records for their domain, DID numbers, no physical address, just work virtually. You will even not able to get their real facebook id where they have their family pictures or real identity. So simple, any kind of issues they will be just disappear. They will simply stop the domain and all will be gone 🙂 How you will trust them with your hard work blood money?! Think again, you will get answer.

One more thing i want to share is : The technology is so much advanced, tracing become more easier, specially cellphone tracking, getting full data from every cellphone is easy for Government officials who work in intelligence. So, not use those kind apps in your phone which can be easily tracked and you will be in trouble. Pakistan have many examples for this kind issues, as they treated as terrorist when they get gateway in any house.

I have full support/respect to each countries laws, we do not support/promote illegal voip, as a software developer i mostly advice well for people who work with this technology.

If you have any more question please contact me via whatsapp.

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