Around 2008 international market knows about VOS3000 when they felt they need a cheaper softswitch for bulk volume traffic. Carrier grade softswitch or hardware based switch was expensive and profit margin was low for south asian country. Specially Bangladesh, India, Pakistan. Call volume was high and profit was lower. So people started use VOS3000 softswitch. In whole world windows is only popular due to its crack availability in market, only people start use any product when they knows well about it. Getting VOS3000 crack copy was easy and affordable, so people started using it. Initial stage there was no tutorial or english documents for it. As chinese people wasn’t much good at english and as its mainly developed with the help of one university science department collaboration – they never made much documents for international markets. It was pretty popular in china market where they called it “VOS2009”. In 2012 i made some short video tutorial for VOS3000 and it was pretty popular that time as there is nothing in youtube except my videos.

VOS5000 Launched: VOS3000 had cluster module initially but when vos3000 developer saw that they can sell another version for higher concurrency to bigger telco, they didn’t developed there cluster module and they pushed VOS5000 which is pretty expensive and client software is made specially for each client differently. So hacking chance became lower than before. VOS5000 can run up-to 100,000 concurrent calls.

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