Cheapest VS Cheaper VOS3000!

Hello all,

Sometime some people offer something which is almost unbelievable. Provide super offer. But there is always conditions!!! Or hidden things. Let me tell you a story:

In 2009/2010 i was working with one good softswitch brand as regional manager for asia. One reseller came for hosting solution and we gave monthly license offer for 100 usd month. After that he added dialer license from another company around 100 usd, his server cost/support etc is around 100 usd. Now his cost is 300 usd and he start selling it @ 99 usd full package!! Just think carefully: there is nobody here to do charity or give loss. Then what is his secret ? Later on we discovered he hacked 10 usd a day from each server and in voip its a very small amount, nobody even understand. So actually he is charging 400 usd overall! He hacked only 10 usd – so client can’t understand anything. He was almost top for hosted server with voip softswitch that time. So be realistic, don’t go for cheapest, try cheaper but not cheapest.

Many people offer 50/100 usd vos3000 installation with many offers. Be careful always, installing isn’t hard. Sometime even you can do that but solving future issues is not easy, so always spend little more and get quality solution. All price depends on the service, trust, quality, future requirements.

All golden colors product are not GOLD. VOS3000/Softswitch is the main thing which will help you to grow your business. You must choose things carefully here, because it will help you in many ways. You must need to feed your cow if you need Good Milk!!

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