VOS3000 Client “Verify Version Failed” Error.


Sometime VOS3000, VOS3000 , VOS3000 Client Shows Error “Verify Version Failed”.

  1. The main reason is after VOS3000 Version all the client of unofficial versions are modified due to security from core developer. Also some hacker made their own client software as well to get all the data which will input in the client. So, Each VOS3000 vendor Have different different Client version, one is not work with another most of the cases. So this is one of the main reason “Verify Version Failed”.
  2. Now if you try 3.2 Version client software for 4.0 Login or different versions to another versions login info you entered then also this error can come.
  3. Another Issue is, if there is License error, also this issue can happen, in previous experienced we have seen sometime there is some attack came from China and they made some modification in some file and license not work properly. That time also it will show “Verify Version Failed” error.

VOS3000 use core developer client software, after that all are modified client. So please download your client accordingly, also be careful about virus/malware detected client. All our client software are completely clean and malware free/secured. If you face this issue and need help please contact us via whatsapp: +8801911119966

Downloading Malware Free VOS3000 all version client software link is: http://www.vos3000.com/downloads.php


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