Pakistan Repeated/Filter/Fixed Pin Traffic/Route Solution! 9234 Vendor asked Filter traffic!

Hello all,

Recently many Pakistan Non Cli Vendor asked for repeated or filter traffic for their codes. Specially vendor who sell 9234 they ask for it. Actually its nothing: they simply need strict retail traffic and they are asking for pin(mobile dialer or any retail end user pin) – so they can whitelist it at their soft switch. They said they will bind it etc. Many people even started selling solution with this name. But its a very basic thing for a softswitch which called Blacklist/Whitelist!

You can blacklist or block all wholesale traffic in VOS3000 version and you can do it by client wise even or vendor wise. No need to use any extra solution or no need to pay anything.

Also VOS3000 have many dynamic blacklist options which you can use to optimize your route quality.

For more help or information please contact me in whatsapp: +8801911119966 (Rana)


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