VOS3000 Offline License Generator vs Online License Generator! Which one Safe?


There are lots of people now a days working with VOS3000 but many people already facing big issues with many online license generator in VOS3000 & VOS3000 ; Because Online License maker not working anymore as Chinese vendor stopped those online license generator.

Online License generator for VOS3000 was a risky product !! Because all license was coming from some specific IP/Website! So they were getting all IPs & some other information which they able to attack or hack as well! So Online license generator was never safe for VOS3000 – whoever used those kind license generator is now a days facing lots of problem. Both for VOS3000 and VOS3000 Versions.

Here i am attaching error what VOS3000 License generator shows:

Error while making new license in VOS3000 Online License Generator

This is Online License Generator Sample

VOS3000 Offline License Generator

VOS3000 Offline License Generator

So whoever is doing VOS3000 Hosting Business or Service – You must be careful before using any License makers or license generator. There are lots of tricky license generator available in market. So use the best one which can keep your client safe!

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