Connecting Server, Please wait Time Out error at VOS3000


Time Out Error at Login VOS3000


  1. Server have running firewall which is blocking VOS3000 client software to connect with VOS3000 Server – in that case you have to stop firewall from VOS3000 Server.
  2. Server have different port for login VOS3000 Server, So you need to add port after IP if there is set at VOS3000 Server.
Solution if you have problem with Number 2

3. If IP is wrong at your VOS3000 client software then also timeout error can come

4. If anyhow VOS3000 ip is blocked by your internet then also this error might come when you try to connect VOS3000

5. Wrongly Installed VOS3000 Server can have similar error for connecting VOS3000 client to VOS3000 Server

Can be more reason as well, those are common reasons

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