VOS3000 client became chinese – all vos3000 options are in chinese language- how to make it English back?

Hello all,

Actually this is very common and small issues many people face but many do not know accurate ways to solve, so sometime they became worried.

Vos3000 , vos3000, Vos3000 client sometime become chinese language when we open it, when we start the vos client by double click we see sudden chinese language in it instead of english. Actually it happen for java and some permission issues conflict with vos3000 client and windows operating system.

Vos3000 client became chinese language after open.

The solution is very simple: Right Click the Vos client icon in the Windows and click “Run as Administrator” – by this it will get full permission and will become english. See the images below of vos3000 client.

Right click on VoS3000 client icon and Run as administrator
English language came up in vos3000 client again

Many people asked me this many times – so i made this, hope it will help you all ways.

If you need anymore help for vos3000 softswitch then please just contact me in whatsapp: +8801911119966


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